B & Int. FT Ch. Fendawood Huntsman

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Hunter is the son of Enjoy, Int & B FT Ch. Enjoy des Quatre Cyprès, and of Greedy, Int FT Ch. Ragweed’s Greedy of Fendawood. He is born on 15th August 2015

Hunter is one of the latest matings of Enjoy en is out of the last litter of Greedy. That means that it will be a special dog for me.

In 1 week he becomes Belgian and International FT Champion. That season he wins 1 national FT, an International FT in Belgium and 1 International FT in Italy. And with this he is selected for the championships in Belgium and Italy.

Cause of these results he is the best Belgian Retriever on Field Trials in season 2018-2019.

Hunter is already used several times as a studdog in Belgium and abroad.







X-Ray examination

Hips (HD) : A

Elbow (ED) : 0/0

Shoulder (ED) : 0/0

Eye Examination

Free (June 2020)

Other Examination

PRA: Carrier

SD2: Carrier

CNM: Free

EIC: Free

OSD: Free

If you wish to acquire more information feel free to send me an e-mail: info@blackjoy.be

Hunter achieved on an age of 3 his qualification in a Novice Trial.

At his second Open Field trial he wins the CACT Open Trial in Le Roeulx. In the same season he won a International FT in Malle (Belgium) and an International FT in San Daniele (Italy). With this he became not only Belgian but also International FT Champion on an age of 3,5 years.










We don’t do a lot of workingtests. Before Hunter became 2 years, he achieved his qualification in the beginners class en could go to the open Field Trials.

In 2018 we did 2 workingtests. The first in Anzegem he got 80/100 in Novice Class, but was not qualified. But on his second he won in Germany out of 40 dogs.

Hunter was one time on an international show in Belgium