A hard decision: saying goodbye to Enjoy

Almost 16 years you were on my side. We travelled through whole Europe were we made together a lot of stories. But today we had to say goodbye. Very painfull and very sad. But the thought that Enjoy and I gave each other a fantastic time, makes me despite of that happy that you were once that puppy which gave me so many things in return. Not only concerning the results in Field Trials, where you became beside Belgian and International Champion, also 3 times European Champion. But most important was your character which makes me emotional. You were my “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” dog. And that will not change. I still have the luck that the three dogs which are still with me (Jane, Hunter en Buddy) carries all your genes and that I can see every day what a TOP dog you were.

On the championships in Belgium we ended with 2nd place (Jane) and a very good (Hunter)

On the championships in Malle, Jane ended on the 2nd place with RCACIT. With this result she has a nice list of results from the last season. I competed her only 4 tims, but ended 3 times at the 2 best. Still one trial to compete with her in France to end the season.

1 Exc CACIT (Hungary)

2 Exc RCAIT (Championship Belgium)

1 Exc CACT (Waterloo)


Hunter ended on the same Championships on a Very Good. Also his season was satisfied. Also 1 last trial for Hunter on his program. Fingers crossed for a good result.

2  Exc RCACIT (Tielt-Winge)

2 x Very Good (Championships Belgium and Hungary)

2 x NC