B & Int. FT Ch. Fendawood Huntsman

The FT season 2020-2021 started good for B. & Int. FT Ch. Fendawood Huntsman “Hunter”.

With his second place on the national FT in Le Roeulx he is qulified for the championships in Belgium.

The FT season ended on a 2nd place for Jane in France

On a 2-days open FT in Gien (France), Jane ended her season with a 2nd Exc CACIT
This brings her total for this season on 2 wins, 2 seconds and I competed only 5 times with her

On the championships in Belgium we ended with 2nd place (Jane) and a very good (Hunter)

On the championships in Malle, Jane ended on the 2nd place with RCACIT. With this result she has a nice list of results from the last season. I competed her only 4 tims, but ended 3 times at the 2 best. Still one trial to compete with her in France to end the season.

1 Exc CACIT (Hungary)

2 Exc RCAIT (Championship Belgium)

1 Exc CACT (Waterloo)


Hunter ended on the same Championships on a Very Good. Also his season was satisfied. Also 1 last trial for Hunter on his program. Fingers crossed for a good result.

2  Exc RCACIT (Tielt-Winge)

2 x Very Good (Championships Belgium and Hungary)

2 x NC

Jane wins her 7th Field Trial

Jane wins a Field Trial in Waterloo; This is the 7th win in her carreer.
With this win she is also qualified for the Belgian Championship.

4th CACIT win for Jane

On her first FT since one year, Jane wins in Hongary her 4th CACIT and brings her total on 6th CACIT wins
With this win, she won in 3 different countries a CACIT. Belgium, Denmark and Hongary.