Goodwood Etch

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Goodwood Etch was my second Labrador and was also my second Labrador out of the “Goodwood” Kennel.
Etsch had the same father as Goodwood Zenith, FT Ch. Kelland Black Hussar. And his mother was Hamford Mayfly.

Etsch had a very timid character, which was difficult to train him or to go an a trial with him.
Anyway I competed him one time on a workingtest, with the third place as result.
Etsch was very usefull for picking-up. When he could work on a picking-up day he had a lot of pleasure.

Goodwood Etsch was not a champion in the field trials, but he was a champion in giving his heart to me.
12 years you were my good friend and you gave everything you got… I gave you everything so that you had also a good live.
I will miss you Etschie Boy

Because I had never had plans to use him as a studdog, I never let examinate his health, as there are hips, elbows and eyes examinations.
I never went on Field Trial with Etsch
Etsch participated just once on a workingtest, where he got a 3rd place.

Date Place Class Location
18/06/2006 3 Initiatie Merksplas