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Goodwood Zenith was my first labrador. He was born 25th December 2000 at the Goodwood Kennel of Jos Vanherk. As a son of FT Ch. Kelland Black Hussar I knew immediately that this dog had a lot of potential.
And he got results on different workingtests and Field Trials.

He was my first working dog Labrador and I had to learn many things. I had learnt Zen a lot, but he learnt me also many things. I could use this experiences to train my others dogs.

He was also my first dog that I entered on a Field Trial. With his 2 victories on an open Trial he ended his career as a Field Trial Winner.

19th of January he died at home on an age of 12 years.

X-Ray examinations

Hips (HD) : A1
Elbows (ED) : 1
Shoulders (SD) : 0

Eye examination results

Last eye examination took place on 17/03/2004
Cataract: Clean
PRA: Clean
Optigen test: Unknown

If you require more information, send an e-mail to: info@blackjoy.be.

Zen was younger than 2 years when I entered him for his first novice FT, where we got a 1 place Excellent.
This result was confirmed 2 weeks later when he got a 2nd place Excellent. This was enough to participate in the open FT.
His best results in open FT were 1st CACIT, 1st VG and a 2nd RCACIT.
Zen was selected 3 times for the Championship in Belgium.

Date Place Result Location
22/12/2002 1 U (Novice) Temploux
18/01/2003 2 U (Novice) Nameche
13/12/2003 3 U Arendonk
19/10/2005 2 RCACT/RCAIT Chaumont-Gistoux
30/10/2005 1 ZG Berlare-Overmere
18/01/2009 1 CACT/CACIT St. Fontaine
On an age of 1,5 year, Zen participated 3 workingtests, where he ended 1 time on the podium.
We didn’t participate only the “usual” workingtests. In 2004 we were also on the IWT in Belgium and in 2005 on the IWT in Italy.

In 2006 we were part of the Belgian team to go to the Game Fair in England, were we ended on a nice 3rd place.

Date Place Class Location
24/04/2002 7 Initiatie Thorembais
11/05/2002 3 Initiatie Zichem
23/06/2002 6 Initiatie Hulshout
29/03/2003 8 Novice Wingene
31/05/2003 1 Novice Zichem
22/06/2003 2 Novice Hulshout
06/09/2003 5 Novice Beerse
22/05/2004 3 Open Zichem
05/06/2004 NC Open Anzegem
09/04/2004 NC Open Wingene
07/05/2005 2 Open Zichem
28/05/2005 5 Open Hulshout
15/04/2006 2 Open Thorembais
27/05/2006 5 Open Zichem
02/06/2007 10 Open Anzegem
Zen was showed 1 time, where he got next result

Datum Resultaat Locatie
28/04/2002 ZG CAC Genk

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