B & Int. FT Ch Enjoy des Quatre Cypres

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Enjoy of “Joy” was born on 24th October 2005. As father Blackharn Brewster of Tony Parnell (UK) and the mother Ragweed’s Jade.

7 weeks later he became my teammate. The people who knows me and Enjoy knows what I mean with the word “teammate”. A close relationship is the least what you can say.
Very soon I was convinced of his abilities. On the moments he had to work, he shows a lot of “will to please”. He is always ready to work and has a very good contact with me……..
And with his gentle character he could be also a very nice pet dog.

On an age of 1,5 years we entered his first workingtest. What meant that we could participate for a Field Trial. And this with success.

Not only in Belgium we had success on Field Trials, but also abroad.
In 2009 we were selected to the Belgian team to go to the Coupe d’Europe in Denmark. On the beautiful hunting grounds of the Brahetrolleborg Castle we won the semi-final, and we won also the Coupe d’Europe.

The year after we won also the ICC (Individual Challenge Cup) in Germany and became Individual European Champion. It took place on the beautiful grounds of Schloss Moyland in Kleve.

In 2011 we were again selected for the Belgian team to go to the Coupe d’Europe. It took place in Reims, France. Enjoy won his semi-final and this was his 10th victory on an open Field Trial, and were the Belgian team won again the Coupe d’Europe, second time on a row.

At the end of his carrier he won 13 Field Trials

Now he is enjoying every day. He goes with me on training when I train the youngest. ENJOY every … that is what his name is

X-Rays examinations:

Hips (HD) : A1
Elbows (ED) : 0
Shoulders (SD) : 0

Eye examinations

Last eye examination took place on 24/10/2014

Cataract: Clear
PRA: Clear
Optigen test: Carrier

If you wish to acquire more information feel free to send me an e-mail: info@blackjoy.be.

In 2007 I participated with Enjoy on his first Field Trial in novice. It was in Serville and he got the result EL.
In his second novice trial he got a VG and was qualified for the open Field trials.

In a total of 33 open Field Trials, he was 24 times with the 3 best. He won 12 times, had 6 times a second place and 6 times a third place.
In the seasons of 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 he was the best retriever on the Belgian Field Trials

When Enjoy was 1,5 years, we entered for the first time in initiation class.
Every year we entered 2 working tests, every time one level higher.

In the summer of 2007, we entered also with the Belgian team on the Game Fair, which took place on the grounds of Blenheim Palace.

Enjoy was showed 2 times, where he got next results: