B & Int. FT Ch. Jane des Ormeaux de Villebeton

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Jane is the daughter of Enjoy, Int & B FT Ch. Enjoy des Quatre Cyprès, and Fun, Flash des Ormeaux de Villebeton. She is born on 5th March 2014.

Jane is the first bitch which I will handle. She has a good will to please and the style of his father when she is hunting. I’m very pleased with her work. She was not even 2 years when she had already 2 times a result on a CACIT trial. On an age of 2,5 she won her first open FT in Thorembais.

Jane becomes Belgian and International Field Trial Champion on 3,5 year. And on an age of 4,5 years she wins just as her father the ICC 2018 in Denmark, the “European Championship”

X-Ray examinations:

Hips (HD) : B

Elbow (ED) : Not examinated

Eye examination:

For the moment no results If you wish to acquire more information feel free to send me an e-mail: info@blackjoy.be.

Jane’s first Field Trial was on a CACIT in Czech Republic on an age of 21 months, where she did a good job. With the qualification “Good” gave her the permission to continue in the open Field Trials. On her 3,5 year she becomes Belgian Field Trial Champion and she won also her first CACIT.

And the cherry on the cake she became in October 2018, just as her father, European Champion. Very special because I’m the first handler who won the ICC 2 times.




On her first WT in beginners, Jane was already successful on an age of 14 months. This gives her immediately the ticket to enter a Novice Field Trial   


Jane was 1 time on show.