How it started

Blackjoy Home

Blackjoy is not a kennel name yet, because I only have dogs in my kennel. This website is just to inform you what I do with my dogs.

Why I have choosen for this name.
This is because I have only black Labradors in my kennel, so the first part of the name is clear.
The second part of the name has a double meaning.
First it means that enjoying is the most important for me and my dogs.

When my dogs and I go on training, go for a picking-up, participate a field trial or just stay at home, I only want that we enjoy each other.
But “Joy” refers also to my dog Enjoy.
He is the reason of what it is until now.

Many pleasure by discover the site!!

In 1991 I bought a Golden Retriever bitch as a pet dog. The only thing the dog had to do was listen…..
After a year I came by coincidence in contact with a person who went hunting with his labradors. He is the cause of what it is now, a passion.

There were 3 Golden Retrievers, which were all trained for hunting. But after a while I wanted to reach more with my dogs. With all respect for a Golden Retriever, but with a labrador the chance on success is much bigger.

In 2000 I met Jos Vanherk of the “Goodwood” kennel. There I bought my first Labrador.
With this labrador, Goodwood Zenith, the passion was even bigger.
Zenith gave me my first Field Trial victory. And of course from that moment I wanted even more.
“Zen” became 12 year and died at my place.

Goodwood Etsch was my second Labrador which I bought in 2005. I entered Etsch for 1 workingtest where he became 3rd. But after this I never entered him again. He was a good picking-up dog for me.
I had to let “Etsch” asleep at an age of 12 year

At the end of 2005 I bought Enjoy des Quatre Cyprès, a dog from a Belgian kennel.
Enjoy gave me everything a retriever can give a handler. He is a very nice dog which won many Field Trials in Belgium and abroad. He won 2 times the European championship for the Belgian Team, but the highlight was that he became Individual European Champion in 2010.
“Joy” stayed for almost 16 years with me before we had to say goodbye.

Because of the many successes of Enjoy, his good health and his fantastic character, I decided to get a dog out of his breed.

Junior of ’t Angels Court, is a son of Enjoy, and my 4th labrador. He was in a good condition and trained to start the open Field Trials. But unfortunately he passed away too early, He didn’t reached the age of 3 years yet.

Afterwards I bought Jane des Ormeaux de Villebeton. She is daughter of Enjoy and is my first bitch that I will handle. And she did what her father did already before. On an age of 3,5 year she became Belgian and International Field Trial Champion. And she won the ICC 2018 in Denmark.

Because I was so pleased with the offspring of Enjoy, which are very nice dogs and which have a nice “way of hunting” what is nice to see and to have, Fendawood Huntsman “Hunter” came in the kennel. Hunter wins on an age of 3,5 years his first open FT. And that year he won an IT in Belgium and also one in Italy. With these wins he became Belgian and International champion before an age of 3,5

Because of the successes in the past, the new dog had to come out of this line. His name is Jersey Girls Young Blood “Buddy” and is a son of Hunter.

Training retrievers is a hobby, but you can also say that it is a “passion”.
But the most important is that my dogs and I enjoy of every moment we are together.

Since 2012 I’m an official FCI judge, and in this function I try to clear to the handlers that it is not only having results, but that being together with your dogs and enjoy these moments must be important.

The rest will follow…