Junior died

Junior2With a lot of pain in our heart, we said goodbye to Junior.

After the many bleedings of his nose and many treatments, the vets eventually found what the cause was of his bleeding: Aspergillose, a fungus. 4 days ago he was operated on his nose, in the hope that we could start again.

The fungus was developed so far that Junior had yesterday morning an enormous bleeding again, after that his heart stopped beating. Reanimation couldn’t helped him.

Junior was in such a good condition that he could never showed that he had maybe pain, and the fungus could develope on the same time. Yesterday is this eventually become fatal.

With him we will lose an enormous good friend with a great character. The big gate to the field trials was open, he was ready for the great work. He worked with great pleasure on the field to retrieve. Now a big hole is left.

We will miss him very hard…..

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